Guydeon Story

The Story Behind Guy De On Cosmetics

Guy de on CompanyGuy De On represents luxurious personal care products, especially known for their natural virtues and uncompromising efficiency.

Guy De On products contain unique blend of our planet's most beneficial natural salts & minerals extracted from the Dead Sea, along with fabulous botanical extracts rich in fatty acids and nutrients.

Guy De On chose its unique name, basing on these exclusive and extraordinary ingredients, of the best quality and high concentrations in the field of skin care.

Guy is the Hebrew word for Valley. It origins from the bible and represents one of our planet's most extraordinary phenomena- the Dead Sea. This naturally closed valley contains some of the most invigorating and replenishing ingredients on earth.

De means the in Latin, and adds a unique intriguing sound to it.

On is the Hebrew word to describe strength, vigor, force of life and vitality.

Therefore, the name - Valley of strength was chosen to represent these magnificent products.

There could not be any more suitable name for such life enhancing products, which contain the very essence of health, vitality and beauty.